Our Professional Services

With extensive experience of over 16 years and 60 strong workforce, GeoInfo has at its disposal team of skilled and dedicated personnel who have expertise in managing various Geospatial related works. By teaming with us, clients are set to access uniquely efficient, productive and cost effective workforce which never fail to delight them.

Geographical Information System (GIS)

As Malaysia’s leading provider of geospatial services, GeoInfo excels in providing all the essential services to meet customer's GIS needs. The services are :

. Data collection
. Field survey and mapping
. Data entry
. Database development
. Spatial analysis
. System development and customization
. Cartographic output and presentation
. Software training

Global Navigation Satellite System and Positioning Services

GeoInfohas at its disposal various level of the state-of-the-art GPS equipments from the high precision geodetic receivers, DGPS, handheld and mobile mapper to perform works in this field. Geoinfo provides an array of services in this field:

. Geodetic Survey
. Control positioning
. Feature mapping
. Coordinate systems transformation and projections 
. In-car or hand held consumer data capture

Satellite and Aerial Mapping Services

With over a decade of experience in processing satellite images and acquiring airborne-sensed data, Geoinfo provides top quality sateliite images, LIDAR and other remote sensing products and services.

. Image Processing
. Image Interpretation
. DEM/DTM generation
. Visualization and fly through
. Land cover and land use mapping.
. Modelling, simulation and research

System Development and Customization

The past decade has also seen geospatial sector joined the IT mainstream. Intelligent geospatial system development has now started to be the demand of most customers requiring interoperability between data, software, hardware and procedures.

. Spatial Executive Information System
. Web Mapping
. Database design and development
. GIS software customization
. Schema design and data modelling
. Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS)
. Web-based application

Vehicle Tracking Services

Automatic Vehicle Location Services (AVLS) otherwise known as Vehicle or Fleet tracking systems incorporate a GPS receiver in vehicle, linked wirelessly to a central control system, via radio or GSM/GPRS, the central control system could simply be a personal computer with mapping software, to a full scale network system. The scale and scope of the system depend entirely on the customer requirements, because of this AVLS services are tailored to meet individual needs.

. Installation of vehicle tracking system
. Individual tracking
. Report generation and monitoring
. Customization of digital maps.
. Mapping of new unmapped areas

Research and Consultancy

No matter what geospatial need, GeoInfo has the expertise to tailor a solution that exactly meets customers’ requirements. Our team is well grounded in the use of spatial data and the business benefits that the spatial information can bring. Each consultant has numerous years of experience working with different types of spatial data within varied GIS systems, and, following an initial obligation-free consultation, we will assign the 'best fit' expert to work with our customers. Our areas of consultancy include :

. Strategic assessment and user requirement 
. Organizing data and information
. Modeling and research methodology
. Technology transfer and training needs
. Technical specification and procurement.

Surveying, Mapping and Data Capture

Surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional space position of features. To this end, our surveyors use elements of geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, physics, and law. We also provide full service surveying and mapping works utilizing advance tools and technology such as:

. LiDAR                           
. Digital photogrammetry
. Satellite surveying
. Pipeline Staking 
. Route survey.
. GPS Control Network

Training Development

GeoInfo specializes in establishing the specific needs of individuals and work practices in a geospatial environment, and offers customized GIS training to meet our customer specific user requirements covering a range of geospatial areas and technologies.

. GIS software operation
. Spatial Analysis
. Remote Sensing software 
. Image Processing
. GPS hardware
. Field data collection 
. Customized or tailor made geospatial applications

Hardware and Software

In order to augment our complete GIS solution provider status , we are also  proud to be appointed  as distributor  of various prestigious  GIS software and hardware. We offer full technical backup and servicing facilities on all of the products that we market.

. Business partner of ESRI Malaysia
. Agent for Gamma Design Software
. Reseller for other geospatial technologies
. Drone-based Services