20 Years Geoinfo

It has been great and hectic 20 years with Geoinfo. For the past years, we have been able to offer various services to the construction and development in Malaysia which include utility mapping work, capturing spatial data, developing various applications and systems, research and development work, data migration, web applications, providing Geospatial courses and consultations, integrations of various systems and venturing new technologies. These services we are offering prove to be both challenging and rewarding. Currently, our investments in new knowledge, tools and technologies, focussing in research and development, taking risks with trials and errors, are inescapable when intending to move forward for greater Geospatial services in Malaysia. But again, we regard our contributions to the Geospatial services in Malaysia as mandatory. We will serve the nation in the service area we are most confident and comfortable with, big or small. You are most welcome to contact us for discussions.